A Simple HTML Editor

  1. View the source code of a webpage.

  2. Dynamically search the source code.

  3. Copy and paste source code.

  4. Edit the source code with a sidebar for common keys such as: < > / { } " , and more.

  5. Compose, edit, rename and manage HTML files.

  6. Change the user-client to "simulate" various devices.

  7. E-mail composed files both as an attachment and as the body... This allows for different text fonts and colors in a message.

  8. Save as HTML, CSS, PHP, or JS

  9. FTP export: (i) > Export Options > FTP

HTML Edit provides for these functions specifically with its unique interface.

An internet connection is not required for this application, but to view the source code of webpages, it is needed. An alert will be displayed should you come across this issue.

There are two versions: one “clean” (coming soon) and the other “dirty.”

  1. The dirty version is rated 17+ because it allows unrestricted access to the internet with an open URL field.

  2. HTML Editor Clean enforces a censor policy and refuses to open webpages which the system restricts. Potentially objectionable content is also filtered with asterisks (*s).

Get HTML Editor Dirty

Get HTML Edit Dirtyhttp://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=326555482